Improve your team's wisdom with philosophy, psychology, and machine learning. Make better decisions, increase awareness, and predict the next black swan.


DelphiCloud is a company created by an international team of philosophy professors who are devoted to promoting diversity and rationality in real-world decision making. In addition to our academic background in philosophy, we have expertise in statistics and probability, psychology, computer science, and biosecurity intelligence.

One of our core beliefs is that philosophy is extremely undervalued in today's society and business communities. Our mission is to demonstrate the practical value that philosophical methods can bring to real-world problems.




Sometimes before solutions can be developed, substantial research needs to be undertaken. We provide in-depth research services to our clients that cover a wide range of academic fields — from psychology to machine learning to philosophy.


We consult with clients on a range of issues pertaining to risk and decision making, especially in contexts in which risk is difficult to quantify. Sometimes our consultations are one-off arrangements, and in some occasions they are ongoing commitments.


We offer a suite of classes and training programs to help get our clients up to speed on topics ranging from probability theory, to cognitive biases and how to mitigate them, decision theory, creativity, and even on how to meditation improve decision making in organisations.


We have developed our own off-the-shelf software to make it easy for our clients to take advantage of the latest research in forecasting and decision making. We're constantly improving this software and we work with clients to develop new software tools to meet their specific needs.

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We're constantly starting new projects and looking for new people of all walks of life — from software developers, to psychologists, artists, teachers, and philosophers.

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